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Kick Back Heroes Interview w/ Captain Mighty

April 25, 2022
The Wait For It Podcast
Kick Back Heroes Interview w/ Captain Mighty
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Show Notes

We have a VERY special episode today about a local project right here in the River City called Kick Back Heroes. After making their convention premiere this year AND multiple other press tours here in Jacksonville, it only makes sense that the next stop would be The Wait For It Podcast! And for such a big occasion, we just HAD to interview the All Good, All Just, and All Fun: Captain Mighty (played by Isaak Wells)!

We speak to Isaak (Co-Creator / Writer / Producer / Actor) to discuss what inspired this type of story to be told, the highs and lows of starting something new, and how the community can help KBH achieve their ultimate goals. Find out more information at and consider supporting this amazing project!
KBH Vision: Kick Back Heroes was created out of our love of Super Heroes, Shows that move us and our personal lives. Many of the worlds Characters, Story Lines, and events are written to reflect issues facing everyone from the LGBTQ+ community to Depression and anxiety.

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