The Wait For It Podcast

Intro To Anime XIV (ft. IvanPatch)

May 04, 2022
The Wait For It Podcast
Intro To Anime XIV (ft. IvanPatch)
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@MrEricAlmighty joins forces with IvanPatch to discuss where our individual journeys into watching anime started, how that has evolved over the years, and we give you several of our favorite anime series that you should be adding to your watch-list (and some you may want to avoid)!

IvanPatch is an energetic artist with a tablespoon of oddball. He has studied many different mediums, such as 2D and 3D art, and film. After meeting him at a local convention, we just HAD to have him on, and his work is absolutely amazing! Consider showing him some support by checking out his merch and paintings/prints, and if you are going to MEGACON in Orlando this year, make sure to stop by his table.
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(Cont.) Intro To Anime XIV (ft. IvanPatch)