The Wait For It Podcast

Podfest 2023 Meetup w/ Andrew & Jay!

February 13, 2023
The Wait For It Podcast
Podfest 2023 Meetup w/ Andrew & Jay!
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Show Notes

If you have been a fan of the podcast for a while, you know how much we collaborate with other shows, but two specifically more than others. So it was inevitable that we would all meet up at some point....enjoy this bonus episode with all the twists and turns you can expect from us!

Episode Highlights:

  • Our experience at Podfest 2023 & the power of friendship! (0:00)
  • Game #1 - Synonym Roll (28:11)
  • Game #2 -  Go On, Name Them (43:35)
  • Game #3 - Trophy Hunter (1:05:52)

Andrew - Your Friendly Neighborhood Gamers explores the world of video games from the perspective of average video game players. The goal of this show is to shine a light on awesome people in the gaming community while also diving deep into some of our favorite games

Jay  - Super Bracket Bros: 32 fighters enter from the universes of video games, anime, cartoons, TV, and movies.... with only one left standing at the end. They will serve as your personal "multiverse level" bracketologists, guiding you through every stomp, upset, and nail biting battle you can think of.

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