The Wait For It Podcast

What Did I Miss? - September 2021

September 29, 2021
The Wait For It Podcast
What Did I Miss? - September 2021
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@MrEricAlmighty and @PhilTheFilipino are back with our monthly series titled "What Did I Miss?", and for the month of September 2021, we had A LOT of major topics to cover:

  • The Wait For It Playlist on Spotify (3:40)
  • Bethesda buys a PS5 for Deathloop Voice Actor (9:00)
  • YouTubers find over $100,000 worth of retro games (11:34)
  • Russo Brothers vs Disney (14:50)
  • Marvel losing character rights? (19:01)
  • Hawkeye Trailer Reaction (21:31)
  • Netflix purchases Willy Wonka, Matilda, & more (24:10)
  • Twins Sequel: Triplets (25:39)
  • Super Marios Bros movie cast announced (27:00)
  • Gaming Announcements - KOTOR, Alan Wake, Wolverine, etc...(31:25)
  • Didn't Make The Cut (37:27)

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(Cont.) What Did I Miss? - September 2021