The Wait For It Podcast

Ted Lasso Season 2 (With Badr Milligan & Caleb Van Nice)

October 13, 2021
The Wait For It Podcast
Ted Lasso Season 2 (With Badr Milligan & Caleb Van Nice)
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You hear your co-host, @PhilTheFilipino mention it almost every single week. Well his time is finally here. Season Two of the cultural phenomenon, Ted Lasso has come to an end, & Phil is here to deep dive into all of it. & in order to do so, we brought back a few guests from past episodes to discuss all the major story beats from Season Two. Badr Milligan from The Short Box & Caleb Van Nice from Level Playing Field bring their expertise to today's episode! Check out this episode & don't forget to BELIEVE!

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Since 2012, The Short Box has explored a wide spectrum of comics and pop culture topics. Hosted by a crew of long time friends: Badr, Ashley, Ed, and Cesar, provide entertaining discussions about comic books with the best creators in the industry, and worthwhile recommendations that will respect your time. New episodes come out every Wednesday.

Caleb's Links: Level Playing Field - "A group of good friends discuss the world of video games. Host Andrew Kimball and his Co-hosts Dylan Wren, Caleb Van Nice, Joseph Sommer and Aubrey Kimball sit down each week to talk about a new topic related to gaming. We talk about everything from spoiler-casts to what we've been playing, to more general topics on video games, if any of that interests you, than Level Playing Field is your home for fun and interesting video game conversations. Check us out and if you like what you hear, please tell a friend and share us on social media! And please subscribe and leave us a review!"

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(Cont.) Ted Lasso Season 2 (With Badr Milligan & Caleb Van Nice)