The Wait For It Podcast

What Did I Miss? - December 2021

January 03, 2022
The Wait For It Podcast
What Did I Miss? - December 2021
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@MrEricAlmighty and @PhilTheFilipino are back with our monthly series titled "What Did I Miss?", and for the month of December 2021, we had A LOT of major topics to cover:

  • The Wait For It Playlist on Spotify (3:38) 
  • Audi gives a car to Wheel of Fortune contestant (7:50)
  • Xbox sells Red Ring of Death poster (10:17)
  • RIP Mentions (12:26)
  • The Rock respond to Vin Diesel post (18:14)
  • Jurassic World Dominion - Atrociraptor (21:24)
  • Spider-Man No Way Home topics (24:49)
  • Kevin Feige reveals Daredevil casting (32:05)
  • Ghost Rider casting rumor (34:24)
  • Jackie Chan in Shang-Chi 2? (36:30)
  • Black Panther recasting? (38:35)
  • The Batman trailer reaction and spinoff (41:29)
  • Sony working on Game Pass competitor (43:38)
  • Henry Cavill interested in several game adaptations (46:50)
  • Didn't Make The Cut (50:20)

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(Cont.) What Did I Miss? - December 2021